The story behind Timeister . . .

We’re all busy people – often cash rich and time poor. Busy making a living but too busy to make a life.  I’ve had times when there didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, but have been on a journey over the last 25-30 years, learning how to squeeze precious extra time out of every single day.  Leveraging the power of planning and prioritising and developing time management tools to optimise efficiency and effectiveness.

That journey began in 1992 when I started my first business aged 25. Since then I’ve started and operated 21 different ventures over 27 years - peaking with 9 operating simultaneously in 2015, employing more than 1,500 people across 40+ locations. I was pretty busy but never overwhelmed, even though I spent up to 15 hours a week coaching youth sport for 13 years - including 6 seasons of running 4 football and rugby teams at the same time!

When things are so busy it’s essential that you get organised, prioritise and make sure you keep focused on the most important things – simply making sure you keep the main thing the main thing. I’ve read the texts – Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Jim Collins, Ken Blanchard, Ivy Lee and many more. I’ve learned from them and developed my own tools for getting more things done in less time.


The culmination of these 27 years business management and perfecting effectiveness is the commercial publication of my personal system – Timeister. Available in 12 month or 3 month journals, Timeister is the no frills, get things done, does what it says on the tin personal planner.

Timeister tasks you to set three month goals – big rocks- and then break them down into monthly milestones, weekly focus and daily priorities. As I said – helping you keep the main thing the main thing!


Timeister is not filled with motivational quotes – they’re great but we’ve all heard them before. There is no wasted space on daily reflections or affirmations – if these work for you then use your regular journal. Instead, Timeister is all about your personal planning, goal setting, focus, scheduling, prioritising and simple personal effectiveness.

Neil Greatorex, Creator

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