The planner that will transform the way you live!

Your Timeister includes three critical tools for managing and achieving your goals;

90 Day Rocks to specify your priorities for the next three months. There are 5 Rocks, and for good balance they will be evenly spread amongst different areas of your life. If you have a major project to manage in the next quarter then the focus may be more narrow.

Monthly Milestones to break down your 90 Day Rocks into manageable chunks. By reviewing your milestones at the beginning of each month you ensure that each of your 90 Day Rocks is receiving the attention that it needs.

Weekly Focus to concentrate action into your Monthly Milestones and bring a structured organisation to the planning of resources, contacts and appointments.

These three tools are neatly sandwiched between a year planner and summary at the front of your journal, and useful notes pages towards the back.

90 Day Focus

- Your Big Rocks

Putting “big rocks” first is a key principle of effective performance developed by Stephen Covey, ensuring the things that matter most never come second to those that matter least.

Your Timeister focuses on 90 Day Rocks – helping you smash the big priorities and bring you, your family, organisation or team the greatest benefit, fulfilment and sense of achievement.

Working across the double page spread;

  • Identify the area your 90 Day Rock falls into – maybe health, family, work or personal development.

  • Name the goal or priority in decisive and positive terms.

  • State specifically what you are going to do with a measurable targeted outcome to be achieved in the 90 days.

  • State why this goal is important for you and any other stakeholders.

  • Note what resources and contacts you will need to utilise to achieve success.

Monthly Planner

This section breaks your 90 Day Rocks into realistic Monthly Milestones.

Name the month in the top left, and working across the page state which Rock each Monthly Milestone relates to. State the Milestone to clarify the required outcome for that month.

Number the days of the month and use the pages as your summary of committed time.

Refer to your progress against the Monthly Milestones each week and complete the “Focus This Week” column. This is your written reminder of which Rocks need most of your time and energy this week – keeping them firmly in both your sub-conscious and front of mind.

Weekly Focus

Refer to the priorities from your “Monthly Milestones” to complete the “Must Do This Week” section. This confirms your focus for the week. Refer back to this list each day

when you complete the daily “Must Do”.

Complete the rest of this left-hand column to record those must make contacts and plan your resources for the week. 

Record appointments in the middle section, and use the bottom third of the pages for daily reminders and notes.

Timeister gives you the structured system for translating 90 Day Goals into focused daily actions and planned weekly priorities to achieve monthly milestones to keep you motivated and to keep your goals on track.


The system is undated and that flexibility makes it the catalyst for you to transform the way you use your time as soon as you're ready to open the cover!

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